4. It’s more expensive than I thought, why?

It’s true that a disco costs more than £100. However, you do get a surprising amount for your money. The main costs are time, equipment and the DJ themselves.

Time – A standard party is normally 4 hours plus an hour each side for set-up and take-down. That’s 6 hours of work. Plus, if your DJ is any good and prepares a unique playlist based on your requests then this can add another 4 hours before your event. A total of 10 hours!

Equipment – The equipment and music taken to each gig would cost between £5,000 and £10,000 to buy. You are hiring this and the DJ within that quote. If you look on the Internet for equipment hire, you will see that standalone equipment hire is almost as much (sometimes more) as the combined quote you have received.

The DJ – Not all DJ’s are created equal! You are also paying for the hours and hours of practice your DJ has put in to develop and hone their disco skills.

Add to this the other, often unseen costs such as insurance, travel and transport, food on the go, repairs and replacement equipment, advertising etc, and you will start to appreciate that your quote is often excellent value for money.

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