This depends on a number of factors such as time, equipment, location etc. As a guide, most quotes you will receive from mobile disco services will be between £200 and £300 for a standard party, but may be more depending on those factors or any special requests. Don’t think the most expensive will be the best, nor that the cheapest may be the worst! Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements and I can guarantee you a super-competitive price that you’ll struggle to beat!

If it’s me, definitely! 😉

On a serious note, in my experience the cost of the Disco/DJ does not guarantee how good they will be. Get references if you can (though these could be family and friends!), or better still, go along to any public gigs if possible. Also talk to your DJ – do they seem on the ball or a bit Del-Boy?

My references are pubs, clubs or venues that I’ve played at. This way you can ensure that it’s not my mother and brother telling you how good I was at their wedding last week!

I love music! I love doing discos! I’m also lucky enough to have a full-time job that pays my bills and this allows me to charge low prices for doing something I love part-time so it’s a win-win for you and me!

It’s true that a disco costs more than £100. However, you do get a surprising amount for your money. The main costs are time, equipment and the DJ themselves.

Time – A standard party is normally 4 hours plus an hour each side for set-up and take-down. That’s 6 hours of work. Plus, if your DJ is any good and prepares a unique playlist based on your requests then this can add another 4 hours before your event. A total of 10 hours!

Equipment – The equipment and music taken to each gig would cost between £5,000 and £10,000 to buy. You are hiring this and the DJ within that quote. If you look on the Internet for equipment hire, you will see that standalone equipment hire is almost as much (sometimes more) as the combined quote you have received.

The DJ – Not all DJ’s are created equal! You are also paying for the hours and hours of practice your DJ has put in to develop and hone their disco skills.

Add to this the other, often unseen costs such as insurance, travel and transport, food on the go, repairs and replacement equipment, advertising etc, and you will start to appreciate that your quote is often excellent value for money.

Whilst 80% of requests are similar, each party is different and involves different aspects of time, equipment, distance, music etc. I do not want to advertise that your disco will cost just £10 and then start adding costs once I’ve hooked you in.

Please get in touch with me to discuss your event and I’ll make sure you have a fully-comprehensive fixed quote that is super-competitive and hard to beat!

Also see the FAQ for ‘How much will my disco cost?‘. This contains the latest market rates that you should receive as quotes from other disco providers.

I really detest disco providers who hike up their rates just because you say ‘wedding’! I don’t just bring my A-game to weddings so why should I charge more? Unfortunately, some think this is ok to do.

A couple of things do affect wedding quotes. Often, weddings are all day affairs and the DJ may provide equipment or services all day and/or may be required to be set-up early till late. I also bring more equipment to a wedding, there may be special requests etc and these will all affect the quote.

Don’t be alarmed if my quote is considerably lower than others. I do not charge a premium for weddings, just time, equipment and any special requests. I want your special day to finish with a great party and I don’t want to fleece you for the privilege!

Not myself unless I’m REALLY drunk and you want to clear a room. I cannot sing. At all. Period.

I can however provide a karaoke disco (without me singing!) 🙂

If karaoke is your thing then get in touch to discuss what you want and I’ll make sure you have that super-competitive quote!

My personal preference is to let the music do the talking with some occasional encouragement if needed. I find this works best.

However, I do bring professional wireless microphones to crank out the vocals if needed to get people on the dance floor or announce the opening of the chocolate fountain!

Some people like a DJ who introduces each track, others comedians, budding radio DJ’s who never shut up, or just plain silent. I can be any of these. The choice is yours.

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